Use Paypal in Store

Now you will be able to use Paypal in store. The famous company released a new technology which will permit its users to pay for any product with PayPal. The payment will be done through the user’s smartphone, which will be used as a credit card. If you are a PayPal user, then you will be able to check in at stores or pay through the app almost at any store.

The new feature works through a QR code, which is generated whenever you are ready to pay for a product. You can either choose a QR code or a four digit number which will appear immediately on your phone. Then, the store will scan the code or will introduce the four digit number into credit card terminals. Afterward, the purchase will be completed.  

Paypal is now competing with huge credit companies such as Mastercard or Visa. However, experts claim that the new feature is not useful at all since swiping a credit card is much easier. However, it’s not bad to have another option when it comes to credit and shopping. 

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