the history of the television

the history of the television goes back to the year 1900. Even though today it may seem impossible to think of a world without television, it was not the same way for our parents and grandparents. The world television is a mix between two ancient Greek words which mean far and sight. This means that the concept of television, at the time, was being able to see things even if you were far away from them. And, in fact, the first time that word was used was in 1900, when experiments had been made, but the television was still not invented. The word was used in a Russian newspaper. The word meant the concept of passing photographs on telegraphs. It was not until the year 1945 that the abbreviation TV became common.

So, the first experiments which lead to the invention of the television were with still photographs. With still images transmitted over telegraphs, the concept of a machine in which you would see images from a far away distance was beginning to become a reality on scientist’s heads. Experiments continued and, the first moving image appeared on 1926. The first images transmitted from one machine to the other were just silhouettes with enough details to portray a human face.  

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